The Showmens Guild of Australasia

100 YEARS YOUNG - And Still Full of FUN!!

The Showmens Guild of Australasia is the Driving Force behind the Amusement and Entertainment of Australia's Children, and Adults alike. We were all kids once, and the Guild was there providing Memories of Fun and Excitement for each of our family's generations. No Trip to the Show, The Ekka, The Fair, or the Circus would be complete without the Sideshow Alley Rides and Attractions, A Dagwood Dog, Fairy Floss, and a Hot Jam Donut. A Century of Fun just goes to remind us that with all the great thrills and attractions, Entertainment and Exhibitions, The Showmens Guild makes us feel like Children all over again...

SHOWPOST Will Keep you in touch while on tour through the Vast Australian Country Circuit

Showmens Guild
1 Turner Avenue
Yatala, Qld, 4207

Phone:(07) 3807 0011

Postal Address:
PO Box 690
Beenleigh, Qld, 4207

Facsimile: (07) 3807 0730

Showmens Guild of Australasia Yatala HQ
Australian Sideshow attraction and ride animation

 Entertaining Australia for over 100 Years

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